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We have strong advantages in product design, manufacturing, quality inspection, etc.


Supply Chain Control

-Material supply plan

Procurement: Guarantee of supply information, guarantee of production capacity

-Capacity plan

Manufacturing: quality assurance, demand assurance

-Manufacturing plan

Transportation: reliability guarantee,speed guarantee



Test Automation

PCBA: The equipment is mainly composed of automatic silo,visual guide,handling module, transmission module, etc.

Finished product: The equipment is mainly composed of automatic silo,visual guide, handling module, transmission module and so on.

Quality Management Policy

Establish supplier selection and assessment standards, in-depth understanding of cooperative enterprises, give full play to advantages, and avoid risks. Sign a quality assurance agreement to specify component yield standards.

Substandard parts can be rejected and the right to pursue. Signing an environmental protection agreement, we attaches great importance to and supports environmental protection.

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